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YOU/th is a collective exhibition curated by KOBO Studio which is held in Rome once a year and which collects and exhibits professional and non-professional photographers from all over the world.

The YOU/Th project aims to be a tribute to photography in its most spontaneous and primordial form.

The idea behind YOU/th is in fact to encourage young photographers to discover their passion, to become aware of their creativity and to understand the importance of photography as a means of expression and communication.

The result is a natural dialectic, the synthesis of a curation aimed at highlighting and making people understand a fresh and instinctive photographic genre. With this project we hope that young people of the new generations will gain confidence in this discipline, that they will perceive the importance of their artistic instinct and that they will make social and expressive use of it.


  • Everyone. What really matters is love ad passion for photography.

  • There are no cash prizes. The selected photographers will have the opportunity to be exhibited and invited in a relevant context Roman gallery and be part of a collective project that connects creatives from all over the world.

  • YES. Post-produced photographs are permitted as long as the result of the editing work is pleasant.

  • We evaluate the creativity, technique, intention and performance of each photograph.

  • Of course, in reality, it is precisely the hidden talents that we are looking for!

  • Obviously. KOBO STUDIO will use them only and exclusively to promote the exhibition.

  • No. Since the first edition we decided to leave the competition open-ended.

  • You can send a maximum of 30 photographs.

  • Files must be at least 300 dpi

  • No, we will only send an email to the people who own the selected photographs.

  • You will know you have been selected if you receive an email from KOBO STUDIO containing all the information you need.

  • You can contact us at


For the first edition we collected more than 1500 applications and around 3000 photographs from people all over the world, especially young people. After an enormous selection process, 200 photographs belonging to 200 different photographers, both professional and non-professional, were ultimately chosen. The first exhibition took place at KOBO STUDIO and saw the participation of more than 600 people in the 10 days it was open.

The second edition in 2023 featured 100 photographs by 100 different photographers and a more professional technical and exhibition level. The exhibition was in fact hosted by the Tevere Art Gallery in Rome and this time welcomed almost 700 people during the vernissage and around 1100 in total in the 9 days of opening.

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